June 22, 2017
training workshop

SDF Workshop 2017

SAIL, in partnership with the Department of Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), conducted a workshop on the “The Changing Landscape” in education and training on 19th July 2017. Workshop participants included key stakeholders from many Gauteng municipalities. The topics that were covered enlightened the group on the changes that are currently underway in education and training that will impact the workplace in the future.

The topics that were covered are:

  • Current and future trends in Education and Training,
  • Delivery and benefits of Learning Programmes under the QCTO,
  • Innovative training methods for workplaces,
  • Action Learning methodologies in municipalities,
  • Growing people to get results, and
  • Creating winning workplace cultures

Keynote speakers were Ms Vimala Ariyan, the Managing Director of SAIL, who presented on the current and future South African trends in education and training. She also briefed the group on the responsibilities and functions of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and its newly registered learning programmes. The Deputy Director, Ms Zeenat Motalieb from COGTA discussed the rollout of “Action Learning” methodologies in municipalities. Ms Tembela Kulu, the Director of Redbox Advertising motivated and inspired participants to create a winning workplace culture within their environments. Participating municipalities were also introduced to ELearning, which is a new and innovative SAIL training method for the workforce, and how it can be a time and cost-effective learning tool for government employees. The workshop was well received.

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